Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lizards and Frogs and Snakes, oh my!

So here it is, my first post from on the road...and what an adventure it has been so far! I haven't done anything interesting so far, and yet everything I've done has been interesting.
First off, the Valium that was supposed to calm me down for my 21 hours of flying left me throwing up in an airplane bathroom for nearly ten hours. The flight attendant actually announced, "Excuse me, but we have a passenger in need of immediate medical attention. If anyone is qualified, please identify yourself."I couldn't be more embarrassed but Nga, a very sweet nurse on her way to see family in Vietnam, and a young American EMT whose name I didn't catch, came up to check my vitals and calm me down. Plus I got moved to first class which I must say was pretty freaking awesome. I mean, they don't just get better food and more leg room, they get better headphones, better slippers (yes, everyone on the plane gets slippers!), and their seats lay ALL the way down...if only I wasn't too delirious to enjoy it.
Since they told me I wouldn't be able to get on my second flight in my condition and used the words ambulance and hospital, Nga helped me explain that I couldn't afford all that, nor could I let my checked bag go on to Bali without me. So instead, they had three medics waiting for
me, who checked my vitals, gave me a shot and some meds, and cleared me for my next flight.
On the second plane, I sat next to a nice American woman who travels to Bali all the time on business. She told me Ubud (you may recognize the town from Eat, Pray, Love) would be less hot than the beach,and gave me the name of a street with lots of good, cheap places to stay. She also helped me through customs and getting my visa.
I found a sweet private bungalow for about 15 dollars a night...I'll try to post the pics on here, but if it does not work, I will put them on Facebook.
Oh, sidebar: anyone who is reading this, but does not actually know me, feel free to add me on Facebook as well. It's under Sandi Field, just try to include a note that you know me from my blog.
Nature at the bungalow is very in your face. Besides an abundance of mosquitos, a GIANT moth (at least that is the closest species it resembled) flew around my room then landed high on my wall last night. I grabbed the board that's used to lock my door (straight Flintstones style) and tried to shoo it, but could not reach, when suddenly from the space between the bamboo woven wall and roof comes a freaking 10 inch lizard who freaking eats the giant freaking moth! So now I have Larry the lizard instead of a moth! Larry eventually went back where he came from, but let's just say, I slept with the light on after that!
I also found a tiny frog sitting on the ledge of my outdoor tub, and watched a little garden snake slither on by as I drank my morning tea on the porch. Thankfully, the creatures seem to keep to themselves,though I could have done without the ant filled toilet I woke up to.
Well, time to explore. Thanks for following me, I'll get back to you soon. Love from Bali.

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