Friday, February 24, 2012

BONUS POST: The Whole Thing (the place where I stay & a buttload of Instagram fun)

So I've met quite a few westerners who run restaurants around here, including a smart Californian who just opened up what seems to be the first Mexican restaurant in Phuket town (yay, tacos!). And I was talking to Tommy the Scot about the price. Apparently it's against the law for foreigners to own land here, so I asked about the rent. "We'll, it depends on the place, but this whole thing," he says, "is only 9000 baht a month. This WHOLE thing." What that means is that "this whole thing," including the upstairs: enough space for about 12 beds well divided, each with a nightstand and plenty of room to walk, a wall of storage lockers, another whole side I noticed yesterday that I think is just used for extra storage for the store, and the downstairs: a very large space that is an antique store with glass cases full of tiny cars, walls of Beatles memorabilia, and as if it were made for me, LOTS of classic VW merchandise!
***Side Note!...I keep forgetting to brag, but how crazy is it that I am staying at the one place where an entire car club of classic volkswagen owners, all young 20-something Thai guys except for the one beautiful dread locked South Korean guy (I wish I could take his picture without feeling like a stalker, because he's like super model status!) all hang out/work/eat/drink/and occasionally stay?? And I get to see their adorable bugs and buses everyday!
Sorry, where was I? Oh yeah, the downstairs also doubles as a cafe/bar so the back side also has the kitchen and in the middle are the two showers, two toilets, 3 sinks, and one urinal...ALL of this is just under $300 a month!!!
That's insane.

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