Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Bali Tally

Happiness is...
-a tall cold Bintang (local beer) on a warm night
-a chocolate banana milkshake on a hot day
-finding cheddar potato chips amongst the many fish flavored ones
-seeing thousands of Balinese gather together in their finest sarongs and head wraps to celebrate Kuningan Day
-cuddling the little guesthouse kitty, because I miss my Disco.
-holding an orangutan at the Bali animal park
-multiple days, multiple beaches
-getting a massage IN MY ROOM for less than $9
-Facebook...enough said
-an air conditioned Internet cafe
-watching the sunset on the beautiful rooftops of Ubud from my balcony
-swimming in a waterfall
-watching the women weave tiny baskets for their daily offerings to the gods every morning, then seeing them EVERYWHERE
-living within walking distance to a giant supermarket
-finding Dove conditioner at said supermarket because I have no idea if "hair fall" is the same thing
-being able to smoke a cig...ANYWHERE (sorry, Grandma)
-riding on the back of a scooter past rice fields, palm trees, mountains, and beaches
-finding the best tacos I've ever had...in Bali!
-fulfilling my "new dress addiction" for $8 a dress at the outdoor market
-moving into a new guesthouse and instantly making AWESOME new friends
-a plate of watermelon and orange slices for breakfast, because the guesthouse owner knows they are my favorite
-having my camera handy and going slow enough on the scooter to catch the family of geese casually crossing through traffic
-watching the Balinese children find so much fun without any fancy American toys
Happiness isn't...
-riding on a scooter down a mountain for nearly 5 hours in the freezing cold rain
-waking up before 7am each day, thanks to paper-thin walls and the screaming baby staying next door
-nearly getting run over by a family of 5 all on one motorbike
-the German boy constantly commenting on my refusal to eat the cheap Balinese food...sorry, but rice, fish, and veggies are the same to me in any country...gross
-potholes! The scooter riding is killing my ass!
-trying to buy plane tickets to my next stop online and having my card declined for no apparent reason
-finally getting my ticket and then having the guy at the Internet cafe say "machine must be broke" when my ticket doesn't print and not being able to explain to him that maybe it just needs paper or ink
-ants and tiny spiders...everywhere! I try not to think about how many I must have eaten
-being embarrassed to admit I'm from the same country as the Guido from New York at the end of the bar
-trying to download a movie in the dark outside my first guesthouse and getting barked at by one of the scarier Bali dogs. Stray dogs are everywhere here and I passed on the rabies shot
-@#%^ roosters!
-saying goodbye to new friends
-the keyboard on a German laptop
-running through the rain to retrieve the electric converter I left at my old guesthouse
-French guys...they fulfilled every stereotype
-a new mosquito bite every day
-losing my breath after a few flights of stairs. Heat, altitude, and smoker's lung...not a good combination
-squat toilets
-leaving Bali, but...
Happiness is...
-moving on.

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